labor and birth prep isn't [one-size-fits-all]

find what fits your needs here

labor and birth prep isn't [one-size-fits-all]

find what fits your needs here

Evidence Based Birth®
Childbirth Class

you and your partner will not only learn the evidence for your birth options, how to advocate for them, and advanced coping techniques, but you’ll also get to connect with an experienced instructor & labor nurse along with other parents who are going through pregnancy and birth just like you!

each class size 4 couples


+ 45 minute initial consultation

+ prenatal meetings + education

+ birth preference planning

Doula Support

two hands to hold you as your family grows. doula support is the gift of an emotional, physical, and spiritual guide throughout the process of pregnancy, labor, and birth. you were made to do this in community and our doula support services provide assistance that will bring peace and preparedness to your labor and birth experience. 


+ on-call 24/7 starting at 38 weeks

+ access to my resources & birth tools

+ postpartum check-in




+ 45-minute consultation & questionnaire

+ guidance on choosing a provider/place of birth

+ birth statistics for YOUR area

+ comfort measures quick guide

Birth Coaching

let's be honest - not everyone wants or is able to have a doula at their side during birth. but that doesn't mean we wont be able to work together! consider me your birth coach - your experienced guide through determining you and your family's birth vision and how to achieve it! this option is perfect for the woman who has an idea of what she wants & would benefit from access to personalized support from an experienced source 


+ fear release/birth affirmation support

+ 25% off our EBB Childbirth Class 

+ postpartum planning session

+ phone support during labor

starting at




nope! they're not the same. a midwife is a medical provider that specializes in low-risk birth. whereas a doula is a non-medical support person... consider them the same as a coach before & during birth. 

while my nursing experience is directly related to birth, I will not be able to perform in that role. when you hire me, my expertise as a labor nurse informs the way I support you. my experience assists in guiding you through birth with understanding of how the medical aspect works. 

in this broken healthcare system, birth is often viewed as a disease process that needs to be managed. this results in women feeling as though things are done TO them, instead of them being a part of the process. empowered birth centers families and supports autonomy & confidence. we believe birth should be an empowering experience.

our in-person services are best experienced in the Atlanta metro area. if you are not local, we have other ways to serve & your family. we're currently offering virtual childbirth education & birth coaching sessions worldwide!

we are so glad to have you & would love to support your journey in birth work! send us a message & we will connect with you. 

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