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imagine the joy, the intensity, the significance of bringing life into this world... now imagine doing it alone. that was what I witnessed the first time I stepped onto a labor & delivery unit.

a moment that occurred 5 years ago became the catalyst for a paradigm shift. and after supporting over 200 pregnancies and births as a nurse, the goal of Confident Care Birth Co is to increase the number of empowered women and families during the pivotal moment of birth. 

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  • coaching & mentorship from your personal Evidence Based Birth® instructor! 
  • learn about evidence-based care and how to receive it
  • master beginning to advanced comfort measures for coping 
  • provide training for birth partners to truly support in labor & birth


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you want support in achieving a positive birth experience

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you want to release fears of giving birth 

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"Imani provided my family with exemplary guidance and resources necessary to make informed decisions regarding my care. She helped me feel extremely competent in the decisions I was making regarding my care."

- A + A  | two time client family

- A + A  
two time client family

"When I ended up having to receive an induction, Imani coached me every step of the way, hearing my concerns, while empowering me to feel confident and safe throughout the process. She helped me reach my birth goals and have the birth I desired, even with all of the unexpected interventions that took place.

- A + E 

"I loved how individualized and personalized the childbirth education classes were! They were very informative and resourceful."

- W + M 

"I enjoyed Imani’s approach to childbirth education as a spiritual, mental, and physical approach. She educated me in a practical sense about the varying methods of labor, but as a doula, helped me to act as a medical advocate for myself and my son."

- A + E

"She has a wealth of knowledge surrounding not only births, but also knowledge of the social inequities and health disparities amongst minority communities and families within the healthcare system. I felt empowered by the way she provided information, hands-on practice, and an overflow of encouragement to make the best decisions for my family." 

- F + E

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